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When life gives you lemons, remember Emmanuelle Chriqui is here

08.01.2014by: ResidentRiddle64

There are so few actresses out there who can come across as so ridiculously cute and so insanely beautiful simultaneously quite like Emmanuelle Chriqui can. Honestly, just looking at her, I'm pulled in by her welcoming cuteness and right after the tractor beam that is her smile has sucked me right in, I'm bitch slapped by her gorgeousness and I'm out for the count. I don't know what it is, but that's the best possible way that I can describe it. Here she is at some event that has something to do with life giving you lemons, I mean, For Love and Lemons. Apparently, this is a SKIVVIES Party in Los Angeles. Wait, skivvies like underwear? Like bra and panties? What the- Why am I not there?! Why is Emmanuelle not in sexy, revealing lingerie? Why, why, why?!?! I'm a little confused to exactly what's going on here, but I DID happen to find some very sexy pictures that I'll link right here. They have to do with For Love and Lemons and include behind the scenes pictures. They're from December, but it's still very sexy for all that cold. Still confused as to what it is exactly, but damn there's a myriad of hot dressed down babes. All I know is after looking at both arts of these pictures, I'll be hitting up any lemon thing party I see. So follow the link for sexy lingerie and look below for some sexy Chriqui. 

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11:33PM on 08/01/2014
Raven haired beauty.
Raven haired beauty.
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