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Where's Kaley's Cuocos?

Feb. 2, 2010by: Cherry Liquor
Hey, I actually have watched a few episodes of "The Big Bang Theory" and think Kaley (yeah, I f*cked up her name on a post one week while I was working while under the influence of pain killers, you want a doctor's note?) Cuoco is adorable as hell playing Penny. Still, I think that I might keep watching the show more for Sheldon because he's that kind of nerd who - this might surprise you fellas - girls get hot over. I can't explain it, we just do. And Cuoco didn't look bad by any measure at the Grammy Awards on Sunday, but the dress she chose to wear could have only been pulled off by a bewbless chick like JLo who made up for the lack of front junk with trunk junk. I do love the curve of Cuoco's body shape, though. I just wish she had Barbie's old boobs and not the current flat-chested ones.

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Source: Hollywood Tuna

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6:57PM on 02/02/2010
Had a thing for her since 8 Simple Rules.
Had a thing for her since 8 Simple Rules.
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