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Which one of you guys wants to go get Amber Heard's car? STAMPEDE!!!

Mar. 15, 2013by: Droz

Here is the only time and place I would ever want to be a valet. Not only do I get to drive around in an awesome, classic Stang, but I get to drive around in an awesome, classic Stang that belongs to Amber Heard. That appeals to the not-so-hidden perv within me, who sees the prospect of placing my ass in a seat where Amber routinely places hers as a highly erotic experience. I'm sure everything in her car would instantly become erotic. Look, there's where Amber sits her sexy cup of coffee. There's Amber's totally hot spare change sitting in the ashtray. Oh yeah, look at that dirty used Kleenex under the passenger seat. Over there's a sultry stray fry that fell from the bag from Amber's last trip to Wendy's. Wow, Amber only has 3 weeks before her next scheduled oil change. That's so kinky.

They'd probably end up firing me, because I'd just sit there the whole time, fondling the driver's seat.

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Source: NSFW

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