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Who wants to get inside Kelly Brook's cockpit?

Jan. 29, 2013by: Droz

It's a foregone conclusion that if you need anything premiered, promoted, publicized or paraded around old London towne, Kelly Brook is your go to person. There are many reasons for that. Though the obvious one, namely that she is fantastic to look at and lust after, is by far her biggest selling point. Thus Kelly's appearance here for the Sky cable channel's new Sky High airline TV service, where she plays the single best flight attendant that ever lived. But what a ridiculous scenario. A plane full of people, many of them men, and not one of them even bothers to notice that Kelly is standing mere inches away in tight ass clothing. They're all so captivated with their tablets, probably showing the latest Big Brother: Buckingham Palace episode where the queen dresses up like a penguin a fetches ping pong balls from the bottom of a kiddie pool with her ass - or whatever it is they watch over there.

Seriously though, they'd have to restrain me. I could never stand to be so close to Kelly without descending into complete trench coat perv mode.

Yep, that would be me.

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Extra Tidbit: Put that last pic in there
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