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Who wants to shoot some Samantha Hoopes?

Feb. 21, 2014by: Droz

You might remember Samantha Hoopes from our recent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit mega posts. If not, the twin pics above say everything you need to know about her worthiness to be in the pages of that publication. Those and the pics below of Samantha enjoying a little beach volleyball game in an asstastic bikini. I'm fascinated by the concept of these painted on bathing suits they've been doing for the last few years and how cool everyone is with showing that, despite the fact that the girls are essentially naked. I guess a thin layer of pigment is hardly different from a thin layer of Lycra or whatever. How long will it be though before they invent some kind of literal big ass sticker to wear at the beach? Maybe something like those water-activated decals you get in a modelling kit. Imagine a bunch of hotties in the beach changing room, pressing bikini decals over each other and wiping each other down with water. That's a future world I could live in.

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Source: MoeJackson

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Drool Back
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10:38AM on 02/24/2014


I would love to use her ass as a pillow.
I would love to use her ass as a pillow.
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12:40AM on 02/22/2014
Not bad at all!
Not bad at all!
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