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Who's breaking out the ripped tights and mini skirt for a movie role?

Nov. 19, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
When you're 40-years old and mainly remembered for starring on a beloved '90's drama during which time you thought you were at your worst and most untrained acting credibility and you're on a short ride to your 41st birthday, set to take place the day after Xmas which you probably don't even celebrate because you're in a band now and cling with soccer mom determination to your hipster cred, where do you go? Apparently you hitch a ride to New Orleans to don a wig and morph into yet another odd sidekickish character for THE DALLAS BUYERS CLUB, a movie detailing the shenanigans of Ron Woodroof, a real guy who contracted full-blown AIDS during the 1980's and went out of his way to find other anti-viral medication than AZT, the only drug approved by the US FDA. If you guess that's Jared Leto doing the heavy eyeliner lifting, you're correct. If you guess that this movie role is not all that surprising given the life that he's lead over the years and the roles that he's taken on since shedding his, "stop calling me Jordan Catalano!!" skin, you'd be right.

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Source: TMZ

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