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Why, hello there, Kelly Brook

Feb. 24, 2014by: Droz

These pics of Kelly Brook in Hello magazine are kind of old, though I've never seen them before, which makes them new to me. They also serve as a happy pretext for the real news about Kelly and the no doubt depressing, heartbreaking news that she's broken up with her bloated, 6-week boyfriend David McIntosh. Yeah, I know. It really seemed like they were going to make it. Right, sure. After all, how could it not last between two people who, even when surrounded by paps 24/7, aren't even slightly worried about engaging in public moments of intimacy like this:

Apparently the two split shortly after Valentine's Day, which makes sense as that was around the time she started showing up solo on her routine LA sidewalk appearances. Their 6-week run allegedly began to devolve from friendly bang buddy status to media maneuvering for Dave, which is not how Kelly rolls I guess. If anyone is going to get the camera's clicking, it's Kelly's huge tits and not her boyfriends. So there you go. No more tattooed camera hogs getting in the way of Kelly. I approve of this. Let's hope that whoever her next guy is, he's camera shy type.

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Source: Hello


Drool Back
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8:09PM on 02/24/2014
Giving it a green rating for Kelly, but much, much prefer her with darker hair.
Giving it a green rating for Kelly, but much, much prefer her with darker hair.
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