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Willa Does Anna

05.09.2008by: Cherry Liquor

I kinda figured that after all the coverage on CNN and other news networks about the death of Anna Nicole Smith that the woman would at least get a big screen crazy-ass biopic made about her that did her lovably nutty ass justice. Instead, she's gotten something that looks worse than a YouTube video made by your neighbor's semi-retarded and fully-psychotic teenage menace.

I wasn't even sure who Willa Ford was, the actress chose to portray Anna in the movie about her life, but she's a hottie and a half, far better than Anna looked on her bad days, which makes for the transformation into run-down Anna on a $20 a day budget fairly hard to accomplish. (I don't know if it was really $20 a day. Maybe they threw in extra for bagels on occasion.)

The as-yet-unreleased movie has been leaked and the following is a great synopsis of what is contained in the film's telling of Anna's pathetic little Southern life. Hell, it's most likely more entertaining than the movie's turned out. Question remains when this cinematic wonder will hit the DVD shelves, but one thing's for sure, I feel like the only person who feels like even Anna deserved better than this, train-wreck or not.

Extra Tidbit: Willa at one point was a singer with a hit song entitled, "I Wanna Be Bad." She's apparently lived up to that.
Source: fourfourIMDB



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