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Win A Date With Scarlett!

02.29.2008by: Seth Gecko


Have you ever dreamed of dropping down on one knee and asking Scarlett Johansson to marry you without having the shit kicked out of you by security? Have you ever dreamed of honking her boobs and then getting an angry yet sexy slap across the face? Well my friends, it looks like all the questions I've mentioned could actually come true for one lucky individual next month. Beginning on March 2nd is an online auction from "eBay" in which the highest bidder for Scarlett's chosen charity will win an exclusive with her at the premiere of her new film, "He's Just Not That Into You".

On top of meeting Scarlett and being her guest at the premiere, you'll also receive a bunch of signed DVD's as well as a personal note from Scarlett in which she'll inform you which hotel room to meet her in after the movie. Actually, the only true part of that last sentence is that you'll get a "personal note" from Scarlett. 100% of the proceeds from the highest bidder will go directly to a charity called "Oxfam America" which is a great one for sure.

So remember that from March 2 - 12, you'll be able to bid on this ticket to attend the premiere and have some fun with Scarlett. Who knows, you just might get the "Del Toro" treatment in a nearby elevator if you play your cards right. I for one am not a rich man so I will not be able to take part in this fantastic event. However, if anyone is feeling very charitable, I am always willing to accept a donation of my own. So check out the official details by clicking here and make sure you donate as it's for a worthy cause. You're getting the chance to help build peace in Afghanistan as well as having the opportunity to fondle Scarlett's legendary globes. Good luck bidding and a big thanks to Mike for the buzz!



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12:47AM on 03/03/2008
Im on my way to rob a bank right now.
Im on my way to rob a bank right now.
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