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Winona Ryder is looking hot in a disheveled sort of way

3 years agoby: Droz

Not sure if this outfit is something Winona Ryder is wearing for her gig in the Jasan Statham movie HOMEFRONT or merely her choice for casual dress. At least she's not making the crazy eyes. And more importantly, she's giving us a nice view of her long hidden bewbage under than loose tank top. Interesting that when hotties who came after Winona have teased their goods for too long, I tend to lose interest. Yet 20+ years on, I'd still give just about anything I own for an unhindered view of those tits of hers. Even the 40-year-old variety of Winona tatas is fascinating to me. Though I could do without the cigarettes. Am I alone in feeling that women lose a substantial chunk of their hotness when they show up puffing on a cigarette somewhere? It's such a nasty habit, with horrible side effects, both for the smoker and those around them. I'm not a tobacco Nazi. You do what you want, as long as I don't have to breathe it. Still, folks who get themselves hooked on tobacco are clearly demonstrating a lack of intelligence and sensibility, both of which have a huge influence on my attraction to a woman. Which is why I tend not to go for the smokers.

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