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7 years agoby: Cherry Liquor

First off, I'm not a hardcore Zombie movie fan or anything, but I will eventually be queuing up ZOMBIE STRIPPERS when it gets released on DVD. Because I'm one of the many women out there who, whether you believe it to be boneheaded or not, thinks very highly of Jenna Jameson as a business woman.

Business woman isn't the first description that you think of when people bring up Jameson's name. First it's porn. Then it's her removal of the huge implants that she'd had in. Then it's the porn. Then it's her dating Tito. Then it's the porn. And occasionally she gets blamed for ruining the zombie genre as a whole. Whatever. She's a millionaire who built her empire slowly, one BJ and tossed salad at a time. She invested well, knows more about the stock market than most brokers, and managed to take the concept of porn actress and make it into a household (accepted, even) name.

So, here are some shots of Jenna enjoying the premiere of her (sure to be crappy, but what were you really expecting?) new movie. She's put on some of the weight she radically dropped last year and her plastic surgery is starting to even out in her face. I can't deny that I miss the old Jenna, soft around the edges and feisty as all get-out. But I do love seeing that million dollar smile on her face. She damn well deserves it.

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Extra Tidbit: Jenna once lived with fellow porn actress Nikki Tyler. One of my Myspace buddies, Amber, is Nikki's best friend and seamstress for all of her classy XXX movie get-ups.
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