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5 years agoby: JoBlo

The JOBLO MOVIE NETWORK is looking for 2 news editors to write for two of our brethren sites and (both sites will be showcasing their "new looks" in the coming weeks). The requirements for the Hotties post is listed below. Please READ THE REQUIREMENTS before sending in your application and apply within...

Position: News Editor

What is it exactly? You would be in charge of finding, writing and putting together hottie news stories 5 days of the week during your shift -- pictures and all. The person we hire for this gig would be asked to scour the Net for the latest (and hottest) images and news, put them together in an entertaining and informative manner (natch) and provide for at least 3-4 stories a day. The person we hire should know celebrities inside and out, especially the hot and female kind.

Think MAXIM meets JOBLO....

Do I need to be living in a certain area to get this job? Not at all. This job is open to anyone from any country, any city, any street, any gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse... ;) As long as you've got a solid connection to the Internet, email and can are a likely candidate.

How much does this job pay? Believe it or not, the gig actually pays some money! A quarterly fee will be sent your way, so your parents can get off your back about "wasting all that time on the Net". Nothing that would make you quit your day job, of course, but some cool drinking allowance money, I suppose. Oh, and you'll also get to display your writing skills to the world (close to 100,000 unique visitors/day), slap the gig on to your CV/resume, receive an extra cool new email address which ends in and plenty of groovy real-life Internet company work experience (ie. handjobs).

Are there any opportunities for advancement? Absolutely! Pretty much everyone working on the site today (about 25-30 people) was hired via the Internet, and once we're happy with your work, any opportunities for advancement within our JoBlo Movie Network will be presented to you FIRST. Mike Sampson started out as a news editor on our site, and now he runs that shit.'s last X-Mas party....

What is required of this post?

  • You must be serious about your application, the vacant position and be, at least, 18 years old and be up-to-date on celebrities and all of their filthy gossip

  • You must be an excellent writer, bar-none. If you send us an email with spelling and grammatical errors, it will not be considered. Our kind of humor helps as well, but professionalism is even more important.

  • You must have basic .html skills, although we also have a WYSIWYG back-end, so it's not a make/break thing. No elaborate skills, just the basics, but you also need to have Photoshop experience as you would need to crop and insert pictures into your stories all the time (or any other picture editing program). You have to be comfortable cropping, editing, fooling around with pictures!

  • With the new Internet being all about video and what-not, experience with videos would also be a great asset, although we'd also be training you on how embed/convert videos to our site.

  • All Web 2.0 experience will also be considered an added asset, so please mention any of your experiences using Digg, Twitter, Facebook, movie blogging and all that other fun stuff.

  • You must be able to commit to this job for at least a period of 6-12 months and obviously fit into the time slots that we require.

How do I apply?

Send me a direct email at titled MOVIEHOTTIES NEWS EDITOR and include in it why you think you would be ideally suited for this post (you gotta really sell me with shit to back it up as as well!) Also, include your full name, age, geographical location as well as a few writing samples SPECIFIC to what you'd be doing on this site. DO NOT send me links to your personal blog or papers you wrote in college. Preferably short news stories in the same vein as our articles here.


PLEASE DO NOT WRITE US A BOOK! We receive over 100 applications for these gigs, so succinctness is a definite "plus" for us!

Email me at


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