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Rihanna gets uncovered on the cover of GQ's end-of-year issue

Nov. 13, 2012by: Salacious Crumb

Just when I think Rihanna couldn't top herself after getting hot and heavy with Kate Moss in V, she goes and gets totally naked (or hardly covered by a Fonzy jacket) on the cover of GQ. This woman has had an incredibly busy week, already having hit multiple magazine covers, and being the musical guest for both SNL and the Victoria's Secret fashion show in New York. And still she finds time to tease us with tatted up, nude body. The upcoming issue of GQ celebrates the "Men of the Year (and One Hot Woman)", rewarding Rihanna with the "Obsession of the Year" title. They also rewarded Ben Affleck with "Filmmaker of the Year", and Channing Tatum with "Movie Star of the Year". I completely get Ben Affleck, but Channing Tatum? I don't know what it is about the guy, but if it was him versus a bag of bricks on an episode of "Jeopardy", I think it'd be a pretty close game. Please don't suggest I'm saying this just because he's desired by a mass of women. So is Ryan Phillipe, and I'd consider him much better at acting, as well as doing comedy. But when it comes to causing filthy, depraved thoughts to stir up in my brain, Rihanna wins that battle by a landslide.

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3:06PM on 11/13/2012


I hate the hair, but whoa, that bod is heater!
I hate the hair, but whoa, that bod is heater!
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