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You've seen good jeans, now see good genes in the form of model Petra Benova's bikinied butt

Mar. 28, 2013by: Droz

Never heard of model Petra Benova before today, though I think I'll have keep an eye out for her in the future. That's quite a butt for a Slovakian. One usually expects the more compact variety of booty from such regions, but that's some scrumptious white girl ass right there. I'm told that's her sister in the black number, which makes sense in that they have very similar features. Obviously when I say features, I mean both their asses are fantastic. They must be pretty tight. I don't recall ever feeling justified in placing my hands near any of my siblings' asses, nor embracing them tightly and gazing into their eyes with playful expressions. Yeah, even the slightest thought of such a thing brings up a portion of my lunch. Seems pretty natural for these two though. Hey, they got a lot of cold winter nights out there in those Eastern European countries. Petra and her sis probably had to snuggle pretty tight to keep warm, their bodies entwined under the blankets. Okay, now I'm just creeping myself out.

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Extra Tidbit: Their bodies heaving as they breathe in unison, their lips touching ever so slightly while they slumber, each dreaming the other's firm body completely nak.... STOP IT! Can't...must...resist...perv...thoughts...
Source: Moe Jackson


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