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Zhang Ziyi leaves her mark at the Beijing Film Festival

Apr. 16, 2014by: ResidentRiddle64

I'm a man with simple tastes. Those tastes include massive boobies, juicy booties, long sextacular hair, ladies showing all the skin they possibly can and beer. That's an easy thing and it's fun, but sometimes looking at those things too closely, it allows for me to overlook the truly beautiful women. Women with class and an understated gorgeousness that requires a little more patience and actual taste are hard to find sometimes, but on this certain Hump Day, Zhang Ziyi walked back into my life. At first, I thought, "Oh, yeah! I forgot about her." When I looked at her again, though, my heart dropped, my eyes widened and I started shaking like a Mexican Jumping Bean. How the hell could I have forgotten this beauty?

Regardless, here she is at the 2014 Beijing International Film Festival looking simply angelic in a full length white outfit. My God. She looks like a swan that just busted out of the pond for me to gaze upon her. It's like I'm in a fantasy world and she's my magical guide who I eventually marry and have eighteen thousand babies. A little extreme, I know, but I have to make it worth every second with this one. Check out the happy hottie below.

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8:35AM on 04/17/2014
Very pretty.
Very pretty.
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