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Zoe Saldana legs it around Beverly Hills

Feb. 16, 2011by: Droz

These paparazzi pics crack me up. It's always some guy with a Nikon just snapping pic after pic in rapid succession, so that you can practically piece them back together and make a little movie out of some celebrity pumping gas or browsing store fronts, as Zoe Saldana was doing in Beverly Hills the other day.


I like Zoe. She's got that cute little pixie-like frame, giving one the impression that she could suddenly sprout wings and fly away at any time. She's also a genuinely cool person. Every interview I have seen with her she comes across as a down-to-earth and approachable girl. None of that diva crap from her. Plus her geek cred is high, thanks to her starring roles in Avatar and Star Trek, both of which have sequels in the works, ensuring that we'll get to see more of her lace-bra space jockey and alien jungle cat person alter egos in the future.

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Source: Superior Pics
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Drool Back
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6:35AM on 02/17/2011
Very pretty girl
Very pretty girl
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5:57PM on 02/16/2011
She's beautiful. Reminds me of Thandie Newton in some ways.
She's beautiful. Reminds me of Thandie Newton in some ways.
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