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Zoe's Loser Caps

Feb. 1, 2010by: Seth Gecko

Wow, my ass still hurts from the ass-kicking I got from the brand-new trailer for "The Losers" which has been building a lot of love throughout the internet over the past few days. It appears that two teams of trained killers will be battling it out in the theatres this year, the other group being "The A-Team" which also looks terrific. This graphic-novel adaption (are all movies based off graphic novels now?) is destined to be a huge hit in my opinion for its amazing cast, great blend of humour and action (Chris Evans = genius!) and beloved Zoe Saldana. This girl is too hot for the screen in my opinion and she looks like she's having a shitload of fun in this flick as the ass-kicking female on the team.

As per tradition here at MovieHotties, if there's a great HD trailer released featuring shots of beautiful actresses in their respective roles, you're guaranteed that I'll be posting HD screencaps from that trailer. Which is exactly what I've done below only this time, the caps are in the highest-quality possible (full 1080p) and are ready to be downloaded below for your viewing pleasure. So check out the amazing caps of Zoe below and be sure to check out the trailer as well by clicking on Chris before he shoots you with his finger guns.

Click on each photo to enlarge!

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12:30AM on 02/02/2010
What a woman.
What a woman.
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