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Hottie Clip of the Day: Kat Dennings

So, apparently there are a whole hell of a lot of hottie birthdays in June. Who knew? First we had Angelina Jolie 's 39th, followed by Kate Upton 's 22nd, then Natalie Portman 's 33rd, and now it's Kat Denning 's 28th birthday today! Whew! This leads me to pondering what the hell made the sparks fly between the parents of these ladie 9 months ago, during...
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Audrina Patridge is still managing to hold my attention

I definitely thought her 15 minutes of fame would be over by now, but maybe she's like a cat, but with 1,000 15 minute lives up her sleeve. At this rate, she still has a few before people really start forgetting about her, but I just can't bring myself to do that at all. So, sure, maybe Audrina Patridge isn't the most relevant chick in the world and maybe I misspell her name at least once...
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