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Taylor Schilling has a good reason to smile at the 18th annual Webby Awards

In a diverse cast, it speaks volumes when the overly blonde lead shows that she's more pivotal to the entire plot than you might expect. But that's exactly what "Orange is the New Black" star Taylor Schilling is doing. Sure, she wasn't in much before getting cast as the dabbling lesbian who got in way over her ignorant drug mule head, aside from one of those ridiculous Nicholas Sparks adapted...
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Danica McKellar flaunts her math book curves at LA's 18th Annual Festival of Books

While she might be officially divorced, former "Wonder Years," actress and current math book slinger, Danica McKellar was spotted at the 18th Annual Festival of Books in Los Angeles over the weekend with her ex-husband, Mike Verta and their young son. McKellar was a guest speaker at the event, promoting her latest book designed to get more girls interested in math, this time with Girls Get...
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Emily Blunt leads the pack of hotties at the 2013 Critics Choice Awards

Considering that she wasn't Oscar nominated for her role in that movie where Anne Hathaway gets all the attention, I suppose I can understand the tight-lipped, stern expression on Amanda Seyfried's face. Amy Adams looked completely comfortable on the red carpet of the 18th Annual Critics Choice Awards, as she should, considering that the list of nominations she's been racking up since...
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