Francesca Eastwood wants Coachella to make her day, hipster!

Francesca Eastwood is 19-years old and trying to launch an acting career. Seeing as how the 82-year old Clint Eastwood is her father (Francesca's mother is former Eastwood girlfriend, Frances Fisher , who had claimed in a book that the conservative Clint had urged her to get an abortion because he already had too many children by other women), I don't think that she's going to encounter...
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Hot or Not: Saoirse Ronan

You'll have to forgive me if I don't bother with hating on Tyler Perry movies like so many are consumed with doing. The man has his thang and he works it and it sells. End of story. However, I have a really, really hard time supporting Stephenie Meyer. You can smell just how much they're trying to sever the connection of THE HOST from the TWILIGHT series, betting on bringing in some...
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Debby Ryan is legally, lethally redheaded in leather

Former Disney starling, Debby Ryan is working on releasing her first solo album. While she too has the young face of say, Sarah Hyland , she's older than she looks, even if there are probably a number of you who think 19-years old is still not all that old. Unfortunately for any of you who might be thinking about trying her music out, Ryan is describing it as being "like Taylor Swift." Then...
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Miranda Cosgrove brings some cuteness to the Heroes of CNN

You know what you should do in order to be consider my own personal hero? Remember to go check out our Hotties picture galleries and notice that I've been adding new faces that have long since needed to be in our system. You should vote on them, like the currently added Miranda Cosgrove , amongst others. After all, she was on hand for the CNN Heroes event, looking all grown-up and sexy and...
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