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Pinup hottie throwbacks and big ass guns go together like tits and ass

We've reached that time of year when the push to sell calendars goes into high gear. I still can't quite understand the point of them nowadays. If I need to know the date, I grab the phone. If I do put a calendar up, I usually only make it through the first couple months. Then I forget about it until August or so, when I've still got February up and the entire point of owning the thing has...
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Classic Hotties: Veronica Lake

In the long history of Hollywood, there is no sadder story than the tragedy of a career that almost was. Such is the story of Veronica Lake , who for a brief time was a much imitated icon of fashion and a phenomenon of sultry beauty. Though the flame of her fame burned bright, it could not last. The heights of Veronica's rise to Hollywood glory were only shadowed by the startling...
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