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Flashback Friday: Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman was a superior superheroine

We celebrated National Superhero Day this week, which is appropriate considering that the biggest superhero movie of 2015 opens today. That got me thinking about who my favorite superhero is. There are so many great characters, so many great stories and memorable moments in all the various comic iterations from pulp pages to big screen blockbusters. Picking Lynda Carter's decidedly...
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Amy Adams lunches on the set of American Hustle, tries to keep shirt from blowing open

It's just so hard to please fanboys. I wonder sometimes if it's because you seem to have the attention span of gnats (I've never done the entomology work to understand just how aggressive the ADD is pervasive amongst that bug but since it's been such a long-running commonplace phrase, I'll just use it and not fret the details) and forget how one week you're constantly praising the greatness of...
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