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Hottie Clip: Julie Michaels in Road House

Movies have a tendency to make even the most mundane career fields look badass, whether it be archeology, law, teaching or even babysitting. One of the most glorified jobs in the movie universe seems to be club security, or "bouncing". If you thought bouncers did nothing more than stand outside of bars playing Candy Crush, you're probably right, but that opinion is bound...
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Hottie Clip: Wendy Schaal in The 'Burbs

Having nosy neighbors can be a real drag, especially when all you're trying to do is relocate some dead bodies without being watched from afar. Indeed, the late '80's proved that there can be even bigger problems next door than Zac Efron moving in with THE 'BURBS, a film that's still held near and deat to many of our hearts. It came out at a simpler time, when people...
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Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez have joined forces

It really wasn't a big deal that Taylor Swift invited Selena Gomez to come sing with her on a song during her big 1989 tour. All these young singers/actresses/models know and hang out with each other all the time. There's a young and famous hottie network that branches off in all sorts of directions to produce a big, complicated tree of young hotness. I suppose if you're a...
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Then & Now: Alison Doody

That's right, kiddies, the time-traveling Deloreon is back! It's the return of the column where we alter the space-time continuum for the sake of comparing actresses of the past to their modern-day selves. One week we might focus on a nostalgic babe from the '80's ( Phoebe Cates ), while the next may be an annoying child actor who, against all odds, grew up to be a...
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Rosie Perez is still doable 25 years after Do The Right Thing

While people are trying to get all up in arms regarding Spike Lee's comment that things are not the same as they were under the late former mayor of New York, Ed Koch's administration, I think it's best that we take a pause and reflect on how the love Rosie Perez is still the hot Latina mama. The actress, who took her first acting role as Tina back in 1989, has been remembered as much for her...
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We'll call you, Maeby... Happy 24th to Alia Shawkat

I like Alia Shawkat because she's got one of those weird names that isn't completely oddball and I can easily memorize the spelling of. Not to mention the fact that she's covered in what looks like the beautiful aurora borealis of freckles across her face. Add into that the fact that her development was most definitely arrested and she looks like a healthy young woman with a wowza hourglass...
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