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MovieHotties presents: Our Favorite Movie Cat Fights!

Movie Cat Fights!!! That's right, gather your friends and put on your ponchos, for we're about to pay tribute to some of cinema's most classic (and some not so classic) cat fights! You've seen our video tributes to Movie Strippers , Movie Beach Babes , Movie Cheerleaders and even Movie Car Washes , but now it's time we throw some muscle into the...
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Flashback Friday: It's 20-something Charlize Theron on the cusp of superstardom

Somebody mentioned how great young Charlize Theron was the other day in a reply to an article we posted. What an interesting coincidence that shortly thereafter I ran across this cache of tasty, young Charlize photos from back in the day. These look to be from around her DEVIL'S ADVOCATE period, back when she was still that untouched beauty from South Africa just stunning in every...
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