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Flashback Friday: Where did Catherine Zeta-Jones go?

Moving is a great excuse to go through that DVD/Blu-Ray rack (or in my case, racks) and thin out one's movie collection, separating the impulse buys and stuff you've outgrown, from the must have essentials and rare treasures. This was what I did during my recent move. For some strange reason, I found myself tossing out a lot of movies from the 90s - stuff I used to like 10 or 15 years...
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Flashback Friday: Hit me Britney Spears one more time

It came as some surprise to see Britney Spears restore herself to a semblance of her much younger self recently. The sight of her there in that bikini got me thinking about her early days. I was past high school age when the Britney experience began. Not that I would have ever been into her whole pop star musical stylings, even if we were the same age. As a certified metal geek...
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Flashback Friday: Lauren Ambrose was the best redhead square peg

It was a surprise to see Lauren Ambrose playing Scully's doppelganger on The X-Files resurrection. Well, it was a surprise for me, since I was purposefully avoiding any news or gossip about the show. It was also a surprise to see how kinda shitty Lauren looked on the show - something akin to a college softball pitcher in extra innings. Not sure what that was about,...
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Flashback Friday: Those days when we all screamed for Neve Campbell

It was brought to my attention recently by my tactless, teenage nephew, that this year marks the 20th anniversary of the original SCREAM. Yes, Wes Craven's ode to...himself really, is almost old enough to buy a beer. Which means its star, Neve Campbell , is old enough to be my tactless teenage nephew's mom. Damn, time. You a f*cker. Okay, so you're taking a little trip in...
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Flashback Friday: More evidence of Susan Sarandon's superior MILF/GILF cred

My colleague Cherry Liquor recently chose Susan Sarandon as the current sexiest celebrity grandma . That's a fitting nod to someone who for as long as I can remember was the hottest MILF around. That also gets me thinking about all the unfortunate events in the celebrity world lately. We're barely 3 weeks into this new year and already 2016 has become an especially deadly time for...
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Top 6 Modern Horror Hotties

Horror movies and hotties. They go together like milk and cookies and look just as tasty. After all, it can't all be about monsters and psychos hacking people to death. You gotta break that up with the occasional T&A segue. Here we got 6 hotties who do just that in their own special ways. See who made our horrific list below. Any other horror hotties...
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Flashback Friday: Remember when Connie Nielsen was in everything?

I was browsing around the various on demand movie options the other night and happened upon a guilty favorite of mine, namely the 1998 Kurt Russel sci-fi vehicle SOLDIER. Not a great film, although it does have its moments, as is the case with most Paul W.S. Anderson movies. It also fits into that sweet spot for movies costarring Connie Nielsen . You may not recognize that name, but...
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Flashback Friday: Take a tour through time with Jennifer Tilly's titties

Those of you familiar with Jennifer Tilly's many slutty, scatterbrained characters may find it hard to believe that the big titty show off turned 57 this week. That's a lot of time spent hanging them beauties out for us all to admire. As a connoisseur of guilty pleasure cinema, I've become quite familiar with Jennifer and her various abundant attributes over the years. My...
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Flashback Friday: Terry Farrell was my favorite Trek babe

I might be getting a little obscure for this week's flashback. After all, it has been a few years since Terry Farrell was in the limelight. Even back in the day she would have been a fairly esoteric choice. It was the recent celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Star Trek in Vegas that got me thinking about Terry and all the great women who starred on that show's various...
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Flashback Friday: Few combine cute and hot quite like Alyssa Milano has

I got a little nostalgic from that Alyssa Milano post earlier this week. She has that effect on me. Luckily I needed someone to profile for a Flashback. I've spent way more years than I'd like to admit crushing on Alyssa. It's kind of hard not to become smitten with her when you look into those sweet doe eyes and infectious grins. What's even better is that on the flip side of...
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Flashback Friday: Anyone else have a love/hate thing with Demi Moore?

I've been watching Demi Moore movies most of my life. I watched her again in ST. ELMO'S FIRE just the other day. For over 3 decades she's been around, elevating herself from nobody special, to Brat Packer, to Hollywood big shot in a remarkably short span of time. Did she get that because she's a great actress? I don't think so, although she has been a part of some...
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Flashback Friday: Michelle Pfeiffer is the best catwoman and the best in general

Nowadays you're likely to find more people praising the virtues of Anne Hathaway's take on the much beloved Catwoman character. Anne did a fine job, but for my money, no one captured the character better than Michelle Pfeiffer . Totally crazy, totally hot, violent, playful and twisted, her patent leather pussycat is where my mind goes when I think of Batman's on again,...
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