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Hot or Not: Ellie Kemper

Most of you are still on the Patricia Arquette fan band wagon, based on the feedback from last week, although there were a few strong disagreers in the mix. Now that we've gotten midway through the summer blockbuster season (without too much hoopla and with box office sales being way down from last year), it's time to release the raunchy R-rated comedy SEX TAPE , which frankly I'm going...
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Hottie Report Card: Ellie Kemper

So it seems there is one name that keeps popping up in the comments, and that name is Ellie Kemper for some reason (or perhaps none at all). I have no objection to the notion that Ms. Kemper is relevant in the Hottieverse, although I am bit more hesitant than the majority of schmoes who would apparently jump on that if their dog was on fire. Perhaps I'm just biased...
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Ellie Kemper is super cute but is her dress a mess?

While I might not have discovered Ellie Kemper on "The Office," and while I'm probably the only person who sat through the 21 JUMP STREET movie and did not laugh once (I tried watching a second time when I was completely baked and mainly thought it was boring - yes, I know, your opinion is that my opinion sucks and therefore is completely invalid and blah blah blah), I still thought she...
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