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Wayne Gretzky's daughter Paulina slides right into Maxim's open net

Well, lookee here. Seems as if one of the kids that The Great One had with his AMERICAN ANTHEM actress wife, Janet Jones, has grown up to be the current cover model on Maxim magazine. Not that I can honestly believe that Paulina Gretzky , who's been seen in movies such as GROWNUPS 2, is only 24-years old. The blonde, who might have gotten some great from her parents, adding up to her nice...
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We'll call you, Maeby... Happy 24th to Alia Shawkat

I like Alia Shawkat because she's got one of those weird names that isn't completely oddball and I can easily memorize the spelling of. Not to mention the fact that she's covered in what looks like the beautiful aurora borealis of freckles across her face. Add into that the fact that her development was most definitely arrested and she looks like a healthy young woman with a wowza hourglass...
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