Face Off: Elisha Cuthbert vs. Grace Park

There were a few more votes for Emmy Rossum than there were for Lauren Cohan in last week's Face Off , thus making Emmy the winner. I still like 'em both about the same, which just means that between the two of them I'd have no choice but to make it a threesome. I know, that's a terrible sacrifice on my part, but I'm willing to take two for the tag team. This week is Elisha...

We got a double dose of Yvonne Strahovski hotness last night

It was quite a night for Yvonne Strahovski fans yesterday when she showed up in not one, but two new seasons of popular shows. First came the new season of 24, where she was the hot, ass-kicking CIA agent working alongside Jack Bauer. Then later there came her somewhat surprising cameo in the new season of Louie on FX, where she played the hot daughter of an astronaut who gets her ass kicked...

Let's celebrate Emma Watson's 24th with 24 sexy pictures, shall we?

We all knew her as bookworm Hermione from the Harry Potter films, but when she hit that wonderful, ripe age of eighteen, it seemed like we all knew her as something else entirely: totally and ridiculously hot. Of course, I'm speaking of Ms. Watson, who turns the pretty standard and boring age of 24. I only say standard and boring because I'm 24, too, so I'll just boringly go on...

Would you pick up a hitchhiking Elisha Cuthbert and give her a ride?

Elisha Cuthbert madness should have started here: with her as a seasoned adult in a comedic role that she appears to be excelling at. Not that I'm complaining about her famous wet shirt moment in THE GIRL NEXT DOOR or anything but we might have jumped Jack Bauer's gun by declaring her such a babe when she was younger and dwelling on damsel-in-distress types. Now that they've released the...

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