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While Beth was missing, Emily Kinney was busy modeling

Emily Kinney is the blonde, more serious version of Sarah Hyland . Kinney looks as if she's still in high school, similar to the overly youthful look of Hyland but in reality, "The Walking Dead" blonde little sister is really 29-years old. We're preparing to figure out what happened to Beth when Daryl saw her get scooped up by that mysterious black car with the white cross on the back window...

Avril Lavigne does the goth wedding thing in Glamour Italy

I guess I was too preoccupied with life in general to get all too concerned about missing the July 1st wedding date of Avril Lavigne to fellow Canadian musician, Nickelback frontman, Chad Kroeger. I will say this for Avril - she looks pretty good for a pop rocker who just turned 29-years old this past September 27th. After getting busy with one of those Jenner offspring people after her...

Happy 29th Birthday, Jaimie Alexander!

I have no clue how it took 29 years until I got around to creating a Movie Hotties gallery for you, Jaimie Alexander . I suppose I went along believing that there was no way possible that you didn't exist in our galleries. That you were born into our galleries, full of flame and green-eyed desire. Much like a Kate Hudson-Matthew McShirtless romo-com causes the testicles of most men to withdraw...

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