Let's all give thanks for the birth of Mary Elizabeth Winstead

There's a problem trying to find 29 pictures to represent Mary Elizabeth Winstead on her special day, which just happened to fall on the day some of us give thanks. The problem is trying to limit oneself to only 29. There are so many glorious pictures of this beauty to choose from, it's like Sophie's Choice for me right now. You can talk about photogenic and then you can talk about Mary, who...
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Here's 31 reasons to celebrate Scarlett Johansson's 29th

I try to do my best to match the number of pictures in a birthday post to the number of years a hottie is celebrating. Fortunately or unfortunately, the intertubes are a wondrous place where images roam in vast numbers, all of them vying for my favor. Such is the case with supreme, high order hottie Scarlett Johansson , who reaches the big 29 on this day. This is the last year she can cling...
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Happy 29th birthday, Michelle "Should Play Wonderwoman" Ryan

Newly added to the Movie Hotties Gallery is Michelle Ryan , a UK babe that I love to death even though I barely recall seeing her in much of anything. It's those piercing blue eyes, that fantastic body and the deep rooted belief that I have in my heart of hearts that if Wonder Woman is going to make it to a superhero movie and be successful, it's going to have to be with Michelle cast as...
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