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Exclusive featurette: Amber Heard is a sexy spy in 3 Days To Kill

3 DAYS TO KILL is coming to Blu-Ray/DVD next week and in anticipation of it's release we have a featurette focusing on the lovely, talented, and beautiful Amber Heard . In the film, Heard plays a sexy and mysterious spy that offers "a dying Secret Service Agent (Kevin Costner) an experimental drug that could save his life in exchange for one last assignment." She...
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Amber Heard shows off some serious leg at 3 Days To Kill premiere

Round these parts, a little leg goes a long way. So, these pics of Amber Heard showing off a whole lotta leg…goes a longer way? Yeah. Here's said leggage at the 3 DAYS TO KILL premiere and she's looking ridiculously beautiful right along with fiance Johnny Depp. Breaking hearts of both sexes, this spectacularly hot lady is getting married to the guy, which I don't mind saying is just a...
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Amber Heard wears wigs, kills dudes and looks hot in her new movie

I don't know what to say about this upcoming movie 3 DAYS TO KILL. It looks like something Liam Neeson probably passed on to make a 3rd TAKEN movie. However, it does feature Amber Heard , so it can't be all bad. I haven't really kept up with the progress of this one, but from the looks of it, Amber is some sort of sexy paid assassin, hanging out in bars with wigs so she can lure in targets...
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