Celebrate Olivia Wilde's 30th with 30 Sexy Pics

It's one of those milestone birthdays for Olivia Wilde , who officially leaves her 20s behind today. That's kind of surprising. It seems like Olivia has been around for so long that 30 would have already come and gone for her at this point. I suppose that's just one of the many side effects created by our collective affection for Liv. She's packed quite a life into her scant 30 years. Married...

Britney Spears brings back the golden goddess sexytime for Shout and Scream promos

Whatever, I don't care, I like Britney Spears now. Strip away those years of her parents pimping her out as a child star so that they could reap 401K benefits off of beast with two backs moments they shared with one another. Stop thinking about when she went nuts or shaved off her hair or any of that. No KFed. No K-WayTooWell-Fed either. Just think about the right producers that she's hired...

Teresa Palmer is Warm from Body to Soul

Thank you, thank you, thank you... I have nothing against Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Thankyouhesnotmygovernoranymore. I've enjoyed their movies in the past and I love to watch those past movies on a regular loop, but I don't want more movies with 60+ something dudes that even my mother doesn't find attractive making huge money. I want to see original and lovingly told stories like WARM...

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