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The Top Ten Sexiest Hottie Movie Characters of 2014

The year has been kind when it comes to hotties in movies, but nothing makes better use of a hottie on the big screen than a great, sexy character for them to play. In 2014, we saw the return of some of our favorite comic book ladies, as well as some fresh new faces. We witnessed the return of some hotties who stepped away from film for awhile, and even saw a popular supermodel take on her...
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Exclusive: Behind the scenes video of our Sandra Vergara photoshoot!

Some spectacular happened a few months ago when MovieHotties presented its first-ever photoshoot, featuring the lovely Sandra Vergara ! Now, we've finally cut together a special behind-the-scenes video of the shoot for anyone who enjoyed it. No one knew for sure just how this first photoshoot would ultimately turn out, but it was an exciting process, and more...
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MovieHotties has its 1st ever photo shoot! The model? Sandra Vergara!

Today is a very proud day for us on MovieHotties.com. JoBlo.com itself was founded in 1998 but it wasn't until 2005 that we decided to add this awesome section dedicated to all the lovely ladies we adore in movies to our network and it's been growing like a champ ever since. Most recently, MovieHotties started to feature its own annual Top 25 Hotties list at the end of every...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Eva Green

Here it is, folks! If you checked out 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE , you know exactly why today's clip is stirring up excitement among the JoBlo crew. Of course, I'm talking about Eva Green exposing her stupendous rack in the rough sex scene from the film. This moment was so spectacularly unexpected, some have said it's the scene that saved the film. The scene also...
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Hottie Report Card: Eva Green

While the hype so far doesn't even compare to the original, 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE is probably the biggest movie being released this weekend. Even with the less-than-adequate reviews, fanboys are still likely to show up for the CGI gore and the possibility of some gatuitous nudity. After all, it does feature two very beautiful actresses, Lena Headey and Eva Green . Since we...
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Eva Green has the ability to rise my empire

I know that women usually like to put on makeup to look more attractive (I read that in a magazine once), but Eva Green is a special breed of woman. Whenever she puts on makeup, it's like she's covering up everything that makes her beautiful. Every smear of lipstick or coverup makes me want to make like Darth Vader and exclaim, "NOOOO!" Good thing, then, that Eva kept it plain and simple...
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Hottie Report Card: Lena Headey

Are you guys all excited about this weekend's release of the romantic fantasy/epic TWILIGHT   THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES ? Actually, it was released two days ago, so you've probably already seen it, right? No?? Well, shoot. Did you happen to catch that creepy, home-invasion thriller YOU'RE NEXT THE PURGE? Certainly some of you must have. Well, if not, many...
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Lena Headey gets covered in tats for some reason

I'm not even going to try to hide my bias here. I really hate tattoos, especially on women. Maybe that's sexist or whatever, but I can't think of anything that ruins a female body worse than a big, dumb, tattoo. I've never understood the appeal. Here you are, beautiful vision of woman, and all you can think to do is get Hello Kitty on your ass or a pair of six shooters stenciled across your...
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