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Cameron Diaz's butt belongs to Benji Madden now

She might end up becoming sisters-in-law with Nicole Richie, if things progress well, I suppose. Not that I'm putting too much stock into the new romance between Cameron Diaz and Good Charlotte twin rocker, Benji Madden. We all know that Diaz has publicly discussed her opinion of relationships having an expiration date (which seems to be around 5 year max for the actress, as was what...

It's officially summer and we've got Carmen Electra Galore

There's been a lot of focus on Carmen Electra and the fact she's 42-years old and still looks awesome. That's not all that impressive. There are tons of women in the entertainment industry who are older than Electra and still look amazing. We're growing people better these days and there's more of that health-conscious lifestyle stuff going on with vegans and gluten...

Whatever Brooke Burke is selling with her awesome body, I'm buying

Remember when Sketchers thought that they could sell more of their "butt enhancing" shoes if they hired members of the large-posteriored Kardashian clan? Yeah, I try not to think about that either. Instead, why don't we check out the insanely hot 42-year old Brooke Burke as she models those shoes even though it appears as if they're trying to sell her fit, fit, DAY-UM fit body. If you look...

Jennifer Garner looks amazing at the L.A. premiere of Draft Day

For someone who's going to turn 42-years old next week as well as being the mother to 3 children under the age of ten, Jennifer Garner looks better than she did even when she was at the height of her young babedom. If anything is going to get me to go see the movie DRAFT DAY, it'll be Garner, who might not always have been the sexiest bombshell on the block but who has consistently been a...

Brooke Burke is 42, mom of 4 and wearing yoga pants for your Wows

She's had surgery to combat thyroid cancer. Yes, I know the first thing I should mention would be that she's 42-years old or that she's given birth to 4 different children but let's face it, probably the most impressive thing that "Dancing with the Stars" host Brooke Burke has accomplished lately is her successful battle with thyroid cancer. Burke has been seen in Malibu, California (where...

Uma Thurman makes sexy faces at the Donna Karan Fashion Week show

Uma Thurman may have some of the ugliest feet ever put to cinematic use, but the 42-year old actress is still looking quite fit, especially when you factor in that she gave birth to a daughter last July, this time with her billionaire boyfriend Arpad Busson instead of her first husband, actor Ethan Hawke. However, it was Thurman and Hawke's teen daughter Maya who had what her mother...

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