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Movie Hotties 6-Pack: Most Memorable MILFs

It's almost that time of year when we give a little extra love to the moms in our lives, while at the same time lining the pockets of a multi-billion dollar floral industry. While you're thinking of moms, might as well take a minute and muse on those extra special moms we all want to f*ck. Don't worry, your mom probably isn't in here. Though if she is, dude, your mom is...
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TGIFs: Cheerleader Edition (Exclusive)

The time of endless potato chips, expensive beer commercials and halftime power outages is finally upon us. Of course, I'm referring to the NFL Super Bowl XXLMFBO this Sunday. Good times will be had watching a bunch of muscleheads send each other to the hospital, but if enough time goes by without unexpected ambulance arrivals, things can get pretty slow at times. Luckily,...
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