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Scarlett Johansson swings by in a small dress to wish us all a g'day

Australians are awesome. Not only are their accents amazing, but their accents are really cool, too. Their accents are also something to keep in mind, but to prove that I'm not as superficial as some people would say, their accents are sexy as f*ck. Sorry. I'm getting a little off topic.  I remember thinking recently just how many award shows there really are and the fact...
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Delta Goodrem gives a good tummy peek at the AACTAs

It's hard to process that Australian super hottie, Delta Goodrem is a former girlfriend of Nick Jonas. What is it with the lowly American boys getting the hot Aussie chicks lately? (This might just be my short attention span talking, though, as I can't/don't want to list any others.) Goodrem, whose debut album in 2003 became the 7th highest grossing album in Australian history, was on hand to...
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Maria Menounos had an asstastic weekend

As usual, Maria Menounos was wagging her beautiful ass all around Tinseltown this weekend for the many events going on this awards season. And also as usual, she was doing it with that ass wrapped in dresses as tight as they could be, so that every inch of that beautiful backside was perfectly accentuated. I think they should just drop the bullshit pretense and give her ass its own talk show...
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