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Emily Osment turns leggy graffiti artist during her AOL Build talk

I'm pretty sure that the idea behind that white wall Emily Osment is taking an oversized Sharpie to is to gather autographs from all of the famous people that AOL has invited to talk during their Build series, where musicians, actors and other entertainment personas get interviewed regarding their current projects. But the way that Emily is crouched all the way to the bottom makes me wonder...
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Whisper the secret of who's your favorite Pretty Little Liar

I happen to be a fan of that teen mystery drama, "Pretty Little Liars," mainly because it's stupid fun entertainment. However, my summer has been so jam-packed full of busy-ness that I completely missed out on the fact that Season Four started up in the middle of June and I've missed every episode so far. Which makes me feel devilishly mad. Because these are the 4 best babes gathered together...
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Vanessa Marano, that Switched at Birth chick, is getting kinda hot

Being that I've actually come thisclose to getting my ASL translator degree, there's something about the ABC Family show, "Switched at Birth" which grates on my nerves something fierce. For the record, people who are deaf and sign as their regular form of communication DO NOT speak English out loud as they do it. What would be the point? If they're signing to someone, it's because that other...
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Hot or Not: Troian Bellisario

I often am teased because I rarely watch television. Until February 10th rolls around, there are only 2 shows that I schedule into my TV viewing throughout the week. I can watch reruns of "The Big Bang Theory" until I'm blue in the face but I do love the new episodes as well. The other is "Pretty Little Liars," an implausible mess of a show based on a series of YA books by a woman out of...
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