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Flashback Friday: Anyone else have a love/hate thing with Demi Moore?

I've been watching Demi Moore movies most of my life. I watched her again in ST. ELMO'S FIRE just the other day. For over 3 decades she's been around, elevating herself from nobody special, to Brat Packer, to Hollywood big shot in a remarkably short span of time. Did she get that because she's a great actress? I don't think so, although she has been a part of some...
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Hot or Not: Regina Hall

While all of the purists keep up their bitching regarding the PG-13 reboot of ROBOCOP, how about we look at one of the other remakes getting thrown out into the theatrical market this week (seriously, were the studios in cahoots to get 3 separate 1980's movies distributed on Valentine's weekend? WTF...) and decide the hottie or nottie fate of one of its stars. Regina Hall...
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BOTB Remakes 2014 Edition: Joy Bryant vs Abbie Cornish vs Gabriella Wilde

Seems all you need to change the collective fanboy nation's mind is a great set of tits. That is, if you go by the results of last week's Battle of the Babes, where newly nude scened Alexandra Daddario bested one of the usual favorites, Emmy Rossum. Emilia Clarke wasn't left out in the dust but Khaleesi still has some headway to make in gaining a firm fan base. This week, since I keep...
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Then & Now: Elizabeth Perkins

Time: the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole. If I had a time machine, I would try to track down hotties in their most preeminent days, and avoid visiting eras of war, global refrigeration, and especially dinosaurs. Well, I suppose if there is one hottie I'd take that last risk for, it's Wilma...
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