What 41-year old woman would ass-ume we'd want to see her bikini-ing in Hawaii?

I do not need anyone giving my mom ideas about the level of confidence that they're allowed to possess when on vacation in Hawaii. It's bad enough that my mom confessed that she's recently started having "a thing" for Will Smith, it's even worse that Jada Pinkett-Smith has a birthday (in DAYS only, but my mother and her "All Virgos are sooooo alike" mentality is super scary) on September...

Jennifer Nicole Lee works up a sweat playing volleyball

Everyone's favorite candid-staging hottie is back at it again, and this time with balls in hand. That's right, Jennifer Nicole Lee was out and about playing volleyball, sporting a high-cut tee stating "KISS MY ABS!" while a million grains of sand refused to let go of her ass. For those of you who still don't understand why this woman is famous at all, let me clear things up. Back in the...

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