Hilary Duff swapped out bikini bottoms for denim cutoffs but kept the top

It's quite possible to be sublimely jealous of a 4-year old, right? Hilary Duff spent her holiday vacation in Hawaii rocking bikinis & riding waves as well as giving her son Luca piggyback rides, something that all of us which there was a line to stand in for "got next"s. Duff did look a bit peeved when she noticed the paps getting shots of her when she was playing with her son and I...
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Underboob seems to be Bella Thorne's new running theme

For those who want to wail about Ariel Winter supposedly being fat simply because she's short and has big boobs (and a natural amount of body fat for a teenager, especially one who's curvy), I want to ask: is it worse to be thicker like Ariel or this slimmed down, heroin chic underweight shit that Bella Thorne seems so proud of? While the 19-year old was always a slender gal, this waist...
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Bella Hadid selects her sexy wardrobe on a shoestring budget

I had a cousin from the redneck side of town as a kid who wore pants not unlike Bella Hadid was wearing for this dinner thing she attended this weekend. He had to contend with hand-me-down clothes already worn out by his older brothers, so it wasn't uncommon to see him with safety pins holding together his baggy, threadbare pants. He wore those as matter of necessity. It was either that or...
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If only wearing Beyonce's Ivy Park workout gear gave you a body like Beyonce

Looks like Kate Hudson's Fabletics is getting some much hipper competition. It's all the rage for female celebrities to put out their own line of workout gear these days but when it comes to something that I personally would feel more comfortable doing all the squats, lunges and general hanging-around-the-gym-pretending-to-kill-it, I'm voting Beyonce Knowles' Ivy Park collection. Sure, it's...
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Steph Claire Smith is more proof they grow their women hotter Down Under

I don't know much about Steph Claire Smith other than she's the ambassador for Clinque Australia and looks damn good in a bikini while she's on the clock. People started noticing Steph earlier this year when she was featured on a number of men's magazine websites as an Instagram crush, and if you follow her Instagram account , you'll clearly understand why. Smith was on the beach in Sydney a...
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Padma Lakshmi enjoys a little beach, we enjoy a little Padma in a bikini

I'm beginning to believe all of those stupid wine glass mantras that I see about 40 being the new 30 or just getting started or all that other Hallmark motivational crap. Because holy hell have the celebrity women in that age bracket been putting all of those ageisms to task in recent months. One of the latest is another stellar bikini-on-the-beach moment from author and celebrity foodie,...
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Kaley Cuoco is showing off her hard earned abs again for Women's Health

I'm always a bit surprised by how much the main celebrity media loves to focus on Kaley Cuoco , her love life, her plastic surgeries and everything else. Cucoco is great on The Big Bang Theory but her movie career isn't something to brag about (I suppose one could also argue the same be said of Jennifer Aniston's early movie transition) and other than being a millionaire white lady with a...
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Hailee Steinfeld rocked out with her abs out for EW's PopFest

It feels like just yesterday when we were celebrating the fact that the talented kid actress from TRUE GRIT was turning 18, but in about a month's time, Hailee Steinfeld will be leaving those teen years behind when she turns 20. There haven't been any LiLo slipups, nor have we seen any stays booked at the "exhaustion" clinic, which all bodes well for this singing thespian. Hailee was at...
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There's gonna be a cleanup in every aisle thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow's sexy

I could make a joke about how I could totally see Gwyneth Paltrow going shopping in a bathing suit and heels but honestly, we all know it wouldn't be the typical grocery store that you and I might visit. Nah, Paltrow's more of a Whole Foods for the Rich & Gluten-Free crowd, where she might pass by Demi Moore looking over the raw foods rather than slinging name brand cereal that the...
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Russian fitness model Irina Bright wedges her perfect ass into a tiny bikini

Have any of you ever seen seen a bottle of this 138 Water for sale anywhere? We keep posting shots of various hot models doing photoshoots for the brand but I have yet to see it sold anywhere, not that it matters, I suppose, so long as we keep getting to see these fit young things in bikinis. This time around it's Russian fitness model, Irina Bright , who was posing more in a pink sports bra...
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Lindsey Vonn's "look at my butt" game is getting stronger

It's gotten to the point where pretty much every chance Lindsey Vonn has to show up in public results in some kind of a hot body show. Not that I'm complaining - quite the contrary. I love that satisfied face she sports now whenever she recognizes people are looking at her doing her thing. I just wonder who she's thinking about in those moments. That's probably a cheap shot. Lindsey claims...
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WWE's Bella Twins are your rock solid babes in Muscle & Fitness magazine

Believe it or not, Muscle & Fitness magazine has been around for 76 years and this is the first time that the publication has ever featured twin women on the cover. I know, it's not as if there's a long list of hot women with big muscles who also happen to be twins and well known in the world of professional wrestling, but it's still a feat for Nikki & Brie Bella , also known as the Bella...
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