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In Bullshit News: Nigella Lawson's husband chokes her in public, says it was "playful tiff"

The 53-year old curvaceous chef who defies the rules about how drinking, smoking and eating rich foods will make you be aged and ugly, Nigella Lawson was attacked by her husband, Charles Saatchi, while the couple were dining at a restaurant in London last Saturday. Saatchi, a millionaire art dealer, began to draw attention from other restaurant patrons when he started yelling at his wife...
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Rihanna is unapologetic about stuff, like having dumb tattoos

Rihanna has a spread in December's GQ where she apparently talks about some of the really poor decisions she's been making lately. For instance, putting that ridiculous tattoo across the underside of her tits. I'm all for Ancient Egyptian art, but not when it defaces a pair of lovely tits like Rihanna's. Such a shame. These pics are only a preview for the spread that accompanies her article,...
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