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Who wants to date Lauren Cohan?

That's probably a redundant question. Probably better to ask who doesn't want to date Lauren Cohan ? I guess gay dudes and people who aren't into super cool English chicks who are also hot as hell and appear on kick ass shows. This interview with Lauren for her GQ spread , which we posted the other day, should help seal up the doubts of any strange sorts out there who were on the fence about...

Michelle Keegan celebrates 27 years of extreme attractiveness

I'm surprised I haven't heard a plethora of news about this woman already. I'm sure many of you know her and I've definitely heard of her before, but dear God. How have I seen Jack Nicholson's ass and not hers? Goddamn you, SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE. Eh. Some things in life I suppose I'll never know. Anyway, in case you're not caught up to speed yet, this lovely lady's name is Michelle Keegan ,...

Fisher and Strahovski combine forces to represent the hotness of Aussies

With all these terrible fires rampaging through Australia right now, my friends down unda could really use some reminders about one of their best assets, namely those beautiful ladies they grow through some delicious alchemy happening in the water table there. Two of their best female creations, Isla Fisher and Yvonne Strahovski were in attendance at the Excellence in Australian Film...

Sophie Turner, something, something, ass, something, something

No clever titles required. When Sophie Turner shows up, you know what you're going to get - ass, and plenty of it. Even when she's doing the relatively mundane task of paying for parking or strolling through the park, you still get tons of ass wrapped up tight in sexy shit. Girl probably went in for her many surgeries wearing a thong and 6-inch pumps. Obvious attempts at sexual arousal...

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