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Flashback Friday: Recollections of the original Rose McGowan

I know there are folks who would defend the current iteration of Rose McGowan . Yeah, we know all about the car wreck and the facial reconstruction. That was an unfortunate knock for Rose. Still, there has been an obvious slide into some sort of malaise for her as of late, prompting some, shall we say, unusual looks for this once supreme hottie. Looks like this one: Yeah, that's...
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Kaley Cuoco shows off her tight body in the January 2013 issue of Self magazine

First of all, if I could be Kaley Cuoco myself, I'd make that choice in a heartbeat. She's extremely well-paid as one of the ensemble cast of the highly popular sitcom, "The Big Bang Theory," at one point dated Johnny Galecki, which means she fulfilled one of my life's dreams - f*cking Johnny Galecki - and she's just plain funny, real and full of heart. The fact that she's back to her horse...
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