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Irina Shayk models bikinis of the future

Irina Shayk is previewing some of next year's bikini fashions from Agua Bendita. I'm sure it's really important to you that you know the brand name of the bikinis wrapped around Irina's beautiful body, right? Probably not. I suspect one could make a persuasive argument that these lingerie and beachwear companies never advertise their wares, specifically. No matter if it's the Sears catalogue...

Model Sara Sampaio can wear the hell out of some underwear

I do love the Brazilian hotties. What's not to love? They're beautiful, exotic, gorgeously assed. It's no coincidence all the finest models in the world come from there. Strange then that model Sara Sampaio does not come from Brazil, but rather Brazil's motherland Portugal. Yet about her are many of the same features as those ladies from Brazil. In fact, she bears a striking similarity to...

Candice Swanepoel wears not Victoria's Secret bikinis

These Agua Bendita swimwear people are getting ambitious with their model recruiting now. They've already worked with the likes of Kate Upton and Irina Shayk . Now they've scored Victoria's Secret sacred cow Candice Swanepoel to model their bikinis for them. You'd think this would be some kind of breach of contract thing for Candice. I can't believe a huge company like VS allows their...

Irina Shayk is a sexy snake in the grass

#15 on your Top 25 Hotties of 2012 , Irina Shayk , is some kind of sexy, see thru boat captain in the weeds for this Agua Bendita beachwear spread. That's one snake I wouldn't mind stumbling upon accidentally. Interesting how it seems to be mostly fashion model stuff that shows up around the holidays. It would appear all the genuine movie hotties in the world have retreated to some secluded...

Here's a dose of Bar Refaeli in bikinis to help you over your hump day

Pretty sure these pics of Bar Refaeli doing her thing in bikinis for Agua Bendita are from last year, but who cares? It's not like she's changed any. Plus, it's way better than having to see the same thing in blurry, pixelated Twitter pics, which is how so many of her bikini pics seem to show up nowadays. Can I say, without sounding like a fetishist, that I love Bar's belly? The rest of her...

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