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Kate Upton is all casual, hot and smiley at LAX Airport

Is it just me or does it seem like Kate Upton is smiling all the time? I guess the life she leads is pretty badass, but in so many pics (where she isn't modeling), she just has this big ol' smile on her face whether she's walking the streets of New York, at some red carpet event or getting attacked by a shark. This time, she's at LAX and she's just so f*cking happy. I'm imagining the older...

Emma Watson is a casual cutie over at the LAX airport

I'm not a fan of the airport. In fact, I f*cking despise it. The lines, the airport security, the crowded and cramped hallways, the expensive bookstores that are super lame and tacky, but I can't help but go in there and buy, like, four magazines, a Coke and a snack is just bullshit. The worst of these places would probably be LAX, where everyone and their mom is. I realize there are, like,...

Maria Menounos shows off her ass for the folks back home

For all of you bummed about not getting more of Maria Menounos' bum in yesterday's post, never fear - for Maria's rear is here. Now back home in LA, Maria decided to celebrate her return to the land of smog and desperation with a sexy set of tights showing off all the backside brilliance mother nature has blessed her with. Damn, have you noticed how hotties in tights are everywhere lately?...

Kate Upton and her casual beauty make me want to soar

Ah, Kate. How I love her. The whole (un)surprising concept that she's just as hot in casual wear as she is, oh say, here definitely makes me happy. Most of the time, my attire consists of ripped jeans and a t-shirt as well, so I think I can check that off on my list of "Things That Kate Upton and I Share In Common." We also both like to get naked, watch re-runs of The Jefferson's, play...

This is how Emma Watson prepares for flight

Uhm, can I get a seat next to Emma Watson on her next flight, please? I mean, sweet mother of Dobby, if this is how she dresses on a flight, you'd better make sure the pilot doesn't get distracted. It's too bad Emma probably has no interest in joining the Mile High Club, because she's certainly dressed for the occasion. Not only do these pics display Emma's accelerating hotness, but they...

Candice Swanepoel puts the sexy back in waiting for your luggage

Candice Swanepoel was at JFK airport the other day, probably returning from one of her many sojourns to the Bahamas for her seemingly endless Victoria's Secret bikini shoots. Normally such a thing would be of minor importance as far as news goes. However, as you can see, Candice chose to make her return flight wearing what is quite possibly the hottest set of tights I've seen a hottie wear...

Megan Fox gets out the red dye, starts bringing April O'Neil to life

It's been a wonderful life since Michael Bay and Megan Fox made peace over the harsh words they had previously slung back and forth at one another. This means that we get to see Megan looking Bay hot (glossy, lingering close-ups, bared tummy, licked lips aplenty) again, this time in NINJA TURTLES, the remaking of the popular underground fighting mutant amphibious reptiles. And filming must be...

Emilia Clarke is tight in the terminal

What is it about all these British hotties that allows them to deal with paparazzi in an upbeat, positive way? The native hotties here in the States tend to get a little cranky with the media - especially at the airport, where Emilia Clarke was spotted making her way either onto or off of a flight. Can't really blame them for that. Airports are a thoroughly infuriating place anymore. I guess...

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