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Poorly lit album covers make Mariah Carey look bangable again

I haven't concerned myself with Mariah Carey very often at all in the last several years. Not that I ever gave much attention to her squeaky voice thing that bugs the shit out of me, but there was a time when she was pretty damn hot. That hotness made the ear-shattering screeches she substitutes for real music somewhat easier to overlook. Then the passage of years and marriage and...

Hey look, it's Selena Gomez and her sexy legs again

Selena Gomez has been all over the place lately, doing stuff for her album and shit and basically enjoying life as 21-year-old who can now legally get blasted with the rest of us. We've been covering Selena so long it feels like she should be in her 30s by now. I guess that just proves how pervy we are for indulging in our fascination with Selena so far back into her youth that at 21 she's...

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