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Hottie Melissa Reeves got wasted last night and someone took pictures

I like to think that I'm a gentleman even though my taste in women isn't very specific. I'll pretty much agree to anything with boobs as long as they're willing, too, but if I had to have a choice, it would involve them being smarter than me (not hard) and they'd have to understand my humor. That's all I really need, you know? There are other times though that a girl...

Selena Gomez goes for a leggy slurpee run

I've been hearing some weird rumors floating around about Selena Gomez lately - weird and somewhat disturbing rumors. I've always liked Selena. Despite her terrible taste in guys, she's seemed like a fairly okay person and a pretty damn sexy young woman. But everyone has their flaws, Selena's apparently being an inability to not be the last person on Earth who doesn't despise Bieber. I'm...

Christina Hendricks ate a better meal than you ever will in your entire life and looks hotter than any woman you'll ever be with

I know that title seems like I'm being a little bitter about the situation, but I'm actually gloating. Yeah, I was there in Santa Monica the other night at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, so what? Christina Hendricks was at a promotional event for Johnnie Walker Platinum and I was there like a ninja serving everyone food and drinks. My insatiable love for food and large breasts brought me...

Hottie Clip of the Day: Spring Break Hotties

I finally had a chance to tap SPRING BREAKERS and man.... it was weird! Don't get me wrong, I dug the sh*t out of it. But it's definitely unlike most things out there, which is actually pretty cool. Anyway the best part of the film was the unbelievable hotties that starred in it! Today's Hottie Clip of the Day is just a tease of that with a clip from the flick where a bunch of...

Face Off: Amanda Bynes vs. Lindsay Lohan

Summer Glau was the winner over Alison Lohman in last week's Face Off . Tough call. Those are two sweet as can be hotties. I do hope they come back to prominence someday. Well, it's April Fools Day, so why not spend some time looking at a couple of fools for this week's Face Off. What the hell happened to Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan ? I'm sure many of you have asked that...

Classic Hotties: Carrie Fisher

As we anticipate the prospect of a new adventure for Princess Leia and company, T-plus 32 years on, we take a look back at 56 years in the life of the woman behind the iconic STAR WARS heroine, Carrie Fisher . The legendary provider of many a geek's spank material was famous before she had a chance to leave the womb. Born to celebrity parents, her young life was subject to the turmoil of...

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