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Hottie Report Card: Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Seeing so much of Mary Elizabeth Winstead at this year's Sundance Film Festival reminded us that we have yet to do a Report Card on this hottie of legend. Well that's not okay at all. Someone so beloved by so many clearly needs to be added to the growing ranks of hotties evaluated in our specially formulated examination scale. So let's get this ball rolling and see how...
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Mary Elizabeth Winstead is nothing but class for the Venice premiere

The bastion of beauty, grace and charm otherwise known as Mary Elizabeth Winstead premiered her new movie ALEX OF VENICE yesterday, looking very much the classy dame she is by her nature. There's a face I never get tired of looking at. Mary may change her style or her dress, but she remains a joy to behold no matter what she does. This movie sees Mary play a career woman who's split from...
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Mary Elizabeth Winstead is easy on the eyes

Exquisite, doe-eyed goddess Mary Elizabeth Winstead has been touring her movie ALEX OF VENICE around the festival circuit for the last few weeks, making stops at places like The Tribeca Film Festival, magazines and red carpets galore. I don't know much about the movie, apart from the fact that Mary looks pretty hot in it, if the above pic is any indication. But then that's the case with...
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Mary Elizabeth Winstead is the belle of the Tribeca Film Festival

Then again, when has Mary Elizabeth Winstead ever been anything but the most gorgeous star in attendance? It was just so much more painfully obvious checking out MEW as she worked the Tribeca Film Festival in promotion of her film ALEX OF VENICE. This is another adult turn for MEW, where she's been tackling serious roles in other films such as SMASHED and THE SPECTACULAR NOW lately, no...
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