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6 year old Alexandra Daddario pics remind us what we're missing

It's been over a year since Alexandra Daddario did a photo shoot for anything. Even longer than that since she really showed off those famous proportions of hers in something not a blurry set pic from the BAYWATCH movie. That's way too long a wait for Alexandra goodness. Someone as beautiful and well put together like her should be doing photo shoots like assembly line workers make...
6 days ago
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The Top 10 Babes of Horror Comedy Movies

The new GHOSTBUSTERS isn't going to be much of a horror film, even if ghosts are a prominently featured phenomenon in that genre. And for a number of you, it's not going to be much of a comedy either. But that doesn't mean that I can't use it as a stepping off point to create a top ten list of the hottest babes in horror comedies (and no, I wasn't looking through parodies because they're...
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Top 6 Hottest Actresses with Real Racks (video)

Why is it we're so fascinated with the ladies who keep it real up top? Is it the look? The feeling? The way they jiggle and sway in slow motion jogging scenes? Whatever the reason, they do tend to inspire more than their implant alternatives. Here are 6 hotties who know a thing or two about real racks. See how the stacked stack up below. Got any other natural hotties...
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The Top 10 Hottest Brunette Actresses

There are going to be a lot of disagreements with this top ten, I can just sense it now. When you factor in that 85% of women in the world are naturally brunette (I totally made that up but it sounds reasonable enough to me), it would be impossible to really narrow down which are the 10 hottest. Sort of like how hard it is to pick a favorite Kevin Bacon movie, considering that the dude has made...
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One certain thing in this world is that Baywatch pics beget more Baywatch pics

I'm sure it's no accident that these BAYWATCH location pics seem to come one after another in isolated spurts. Now that they've moved the filming to Georgia for some reason, they have a whole new excuse to start putting out more T&A shots. And since yesterday's round was heavy on Alexandra Daddario , it's only natural that they give equal time to her co-star Kelly Rohrbach , who...
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We now return to our regular Baywatch set programming, featuring boobs by Daddario

You probably thought we were done posting pics of Alexandra Daddario and company running around Malibu showing off the T&A for the filming of this BAYWATCH movie. Nope. Alexandra is still showing them titties off and we're still posting them for your viewing pleasure. This time around it looks like Alex is back on a boat, potentially doing some product placement with her Beats by Dre. Or...
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Kelly Rohrbach saves lives with her ample T&A

Have you caught on to the theme here yet? Yes, we're celebrating great backsides today. Speaking of celebrating beautiful things, I know we're supposed to be focusing the bulk of our raging hormonal impulses on Alexandra Daddario's escapades before the camera as a life saver on LA beaches in all these BAYWATCH pics. And she is giving us some great eye candy, for certain. However, thus far...
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Alexandra Daddario works the pole for yet another day's work on Baywatch set

The wind was raging in Southern California yesterday (I know, I'm from here and I hid indoors like the allergy riddled freak that I am) but it seems as if it was smoother sailing in Georgia, where the cast of the upcoming BAYWATCH movie has been filming these past few weeks. At the rate that we're posting pics from the set, I'm beginning to doubt that anyone is going to want to shell out dough...
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Alexandra Daddario straddling a four wheeler may cause a case of raging hormones

Other side effects may include: sticky keyboards, Compulsive Masturbating Disorder (CMD), an erection lasting longer than 11 hours, tissue-towering, enlarged triceps, divorce, wet dreams, obsession, screen burn and in the most severe cases, a heart attack. Consult your physician to see if Alexandra Daddario completely bent over is safe for you. With so many pictures of this...
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Kelly Rohrbach should star in her own spin-off, Crotch Watch

If you thought movie theater floors were a sticky mess before May 19, 2017, just wait until that red letter date when the BAYWATCH movie is finally released and hopefully blown up for ultrahigh-resolution IMAX screens. We're going to have an army of Paul Rubens (Pee-wee Herman) filling seats in the darkest corners of the theater, trying not to get arrested for indecent exposure. If...
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Day 856 of Baywatch pics puts us oh so close to Alexandra Daddario's holy of holies

We've been waiting for a nice, focused, close up shot of Alexandra Daddario in her red swimsuit on the BAYWATCH set. Well, today is the day and it's pretty much everything we could have expected, short of some sort of catastrophic wardrobe malfunction causing her perfect breasts to go exploding out of some shredded Lycra. Although once the thrill of seeing Alexandra's naughty...
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Alexandra Daddario drops the life saving sh*t for a proper Baywatch style beatdown

Okay, I give up trying to figure out what the hell is going on with this BAYWATCH movie. Now Alexandra Daddario's character is attacking dudes on bikes with her float? I mean I know a few downtown commuters here who would cheer her on with this bicycle beat down, but it's still a pretty random thing to do. As is pulling her top off mid ass-kicking. Actually, I'm just fine with that....
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