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Exclusive Video: Movie Hotties on Dates!

There's a guilty pleasure that comes with entering the baffling world of date movies, but when it comes to choosing from a sea of film titles on a first date, you can't go wrong with the "horror" genre. Perhaps this is because the act of dating is a nightmare in and of itself, which can be observed in almost every schlocky rom-com. Whether you're...
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The Hottie Stop Interviews Ali Cobrin, star of GirlHouse!

In the new fright flick from Trevor Matthews, GirlHouse, the lovely Ali Cobrin stars as a young woman in desperate need of cash. When she decides to move into a house that streams X-rated content to subscribers, she soon finds that a psycho fan is looking to get dangerously close. It is the kind of slasher that I miss. It is brutal and sexy, and it features a wonderful lead performance...
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TGIFS: Poolside Hotties Edition (Exclusive)

It's that special time of year for MovieHotties and hottie admirers such as yourself, as Summer is officially a go! I don't need to tell you why this time of year is so special, but let me narrow it down to 3 words: bikinis, bikinis, and bikinis! You never know when or where one of our most beloved gals might pop up, so now is the time to keep your eyes peeled, because hotties...
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TGIFs: 10 Girls Next Door (Exclusive)

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody! Surely, you all have dates, right? Well, if not, here are 10 gorgeous movie gals you can spy on right from your bedroom window! Typically, TGIFs is a device we use to celebrate our favorite movie hotties with animated images, usually with a classy theme, like up-skirt shots or girls kissing each other . This week, in honor of the most romantic fake...
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Sexy TwitPics: Ali Cobrin

Don't worry. This is one of only a few duck-faces you will see in this gallery. Last week , we presented you with the very best of Sofia Vergara 's Twitter gallery, and I must say I was pretty surprised with the response (or lack thereof). While she's still popular with the majority, apparently the "Modern Family" hottie isn't everyone's cup of tea. So this week, I've chosen...
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Hotties of all shapes and sizes unite at the People's Choice Awards

So did anyone take their free time to check out Kaley Cuoco hosting the People's Choice Awards last night? No? Well, I guess you didn't miss too much. These phony awards shows usually make my fists tighten up with rage, but I couldn't help but smile when Katy Perry beat out Justin Bieber for Best Pop Vocalist. It was also nice to see Kaley pop up every once in a while wearing something...
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