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Ali Larter always pitches a perfect hottie game

It's strange how one of the finest hotties of her generation, Ali Larter , is also one of the most unsung. I suppose there are reasons for that. She's not gonna win any Oscars or anything, which I guess is what keeps her from getting the choice roles. She's also attached herself to some stuff that went down in flames pretty bad, the most well known of which is probably Heroes , which never...
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BOTB Crazy Chicks: Ali Larter vs Erika Christensen vs Rose Byrne

To be frank, I'm happy that summer is over. It's too hot, all the kids are running amok and 2016 wasn't exactly the best when it came to blockbuster summer fare. Last week's Battle of the Boxing Movie Babes was a good way to end that nonsense, especially since it meant that y'all got to sing Rachel McAdams' praises once more. Now that we head into the forgotten time period that is the...
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Ali Larter brings her golden goddess hotness to the Fox TCA panel

I love that Ali Larter is coming back to television. I especially love that the show she's on, "Pitch," about a woman being a pitcher for major league baseball, actually looks like a good one. Larter's all-American good looks combined with that slightly chipmunky but wildly adorable overbite might have kept her from being taken too seriously in her line of profession but when she's on a...
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Behold the healing power of Ali Larter's everlasting beauty

She's stepped out of the limelight in recent years to start and raise her family but it's still striking just how beautifully Ali Larter has aged over the years since her time as a whipped cream bikini babe in VARSITY BLUES. At the Heal the Bay charity event held in Los Angeles last Thursday, Larter reunited with her former co-star and equally hot blonde MILF, Amy Smart to help raise over...
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Ali Larter put on her sexiest jeans and blew the last of her Resident Evil cash

It's amazing to me that we're living in 2016 and they're still making RESIDENT EVIL movies. Supposedly this new one, THE FINAL CHAPTER, is just that. It really needs to be. That horse died about 3 movies ago and has by this point been kicked to a bloody pulp. But you never know. Maybe they'll go and reboot the thing with a whole new cast and for another 15 years of going sequel happy. It's...
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Ali Larter goes from blonde to fiery red for her final chapter

With production getting ready to start on what's allegedly the last of the RESIDENT EVIL movies, RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER, Ali Larter has made the transition back to red to play her character Claire Redfield one last time. I gotta say, I like her like this. Ali has always been beautiful however you can get her, but that dark red gives her a special something. But I'm sure that's...
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Sexy TwitPics: Summer 2015 Round-up

Today we bid our dues to the month of August, and to a degree, summertime itself. Although the heat will probably stick around for a while longer, the window for blockbuster sequels and remakes is behind us... for the next month or so, anyway. Yes, the transition into September always feels something like "back to school" time for all of us, which isn't that awesome...
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Ali Larter makes daily routines sexy

Ali Larter is one of those young women that improves with age. When she was younger and playing the role of high school hottie in numerous teen comedies, she was attractive, but by no means as beautiful as she is now. It just took some time, and a pregnancy apparently, for her body to fill out in all the right ways. Most notably her luscious ass and thighs - which look very appetizing in...
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Jenna Dewan and Ali Larter ensure at least 24 hours of happiness

I doubt anybody could really sustain happiness test driving Buicks, even for 24 hours, but I am damn sure test driving this tight two-some will have you grinning even through your mother's eulogy. Of the two, Jenna Dewan is the standout; easy to be when you're popping out, with Ali Larter in a close second, but why even rank? Variety is the spice of life, and these two showed...
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Ali Larter is so crazy hot, she might get you to buy PopChips

The last time I remember the PopChip company trying to sell their "healthier" snack with the help of a celebrity, it was Katy Perry and they'd created some sweet/salty kettle chip sorta deal. All I know about those is that I ended up seeing them in the dollar store about 6 months after they were unveiled, presumably because they weren't tasty. Now the company has enlisted the services of...
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Movie Hotties 6-Pack returns! Here are the six best hottie assemblages

What's better than a gorgeous, sexy woman? A whole bunch of gorgeous, sexy women! And that's what we got for you today with the return of The Movie Hotties 6-Pack! Our man Jason Dean counts down six of the hottest hotties ever to assemble themselves together on a big screen. That's a lot of fine ass women right there. Check out who made the list below. Can you think of...
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And now... a NSFW video tribute to Bathing Hotties!

Showering is fun, isn't it? What's even more fun is watching some of our most beloved actresses perform the act of bathing, and luckily, many of them have done so on high-resolution camera at some point or another. That's why we put together this celebration of a handful of our favorite bathing hotties in movies! Some of the watered-down wenches in this tribute include...
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